Road Sign Sponsorship

Sponsor a Road Sign

Extend your support beyond the race track. Sponsor a road sign and leave a lasting impact on our event.

What is Road Sign Sponsorship?

Road Sign Sponsorship is a unique way to show your support for our mission and increase your visibility during the event. Your sponsorship helps us organize a successful event and allows your name or your company’s logo to be prominently displayed along the race route.

Benefits of Road Sign Sponsorship

When you sponsor a road sign, your name or logo will be displayed on one of the signs along the race route. It’s a perfect opportunity to show your support and gain visibility among a large, engaged audience.

How to Become a Road Sign Sponsor

Sponsoring a road sign is simple. For a donation of $100, you can have your name or logo displayed on a sign. Once you make the donation, our team will contact you to discuss the details of the logo or name display.

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